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Portal solutions
  • implementation on RBC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. platforms (more than 2000 projects)
  • more than 200 typical services
  • integration of corporate systems
  • teamwork
  • single access point to the existing information systems (IS)
“With implementation of the portal, frstly, every employee of the central apparatus got access to any information resources, and secondly, conditions were formed to reduce document turnover between divisions. The portal contributes unity of understanding of customs politics by all employees of the central apparatus”
L. M. Ukhlinov, Chief of Head Quarters of Information Technologies of FTS Russia

Armada portal solutions provide necessary functions to exchange information and to work with documents by any average employee as well as the possibility of access to consolidated analytical information by top management of the organization. A key word in the portal’s defnition is word “unifed”: the unifed access to diferent information, the unifed method of document handling and the like. Armada ofers a range of ready modules as well as services to develop new modules and integration with organizational IS:

  • Organizational reference guide
  • Electronic applications
  • Electronic archive documents
  • News
  • Working time Control
  • Resources reservation
  • Informers
  • List of easy access chapters
  • Portal using statistics data
  • Visualization of access rights to portal nodes

The examples of projects:

  • Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation: Intranet portal. The portal is uses by more than 60 000 customs personnel. The system comprises multifunctional classifer (access to information by tasks, responsible employee, document type and other criteria), it is possible to create personalized units, developed mechanisms of search and functions of access to exterior information resources and other components.
  • Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation: Intranet portal of the ministry, integration of departmental information systems. More than 5 000 users.
  • Gazprom: Corporate portal. The system unites information into one environment and includes structural subdivisions of administration and branches. This secures an integrating platform to arrange a single point access to information systems and company resources and to ensure data exchange between systems. Also there is a number of functional services enabling to solve certain business tasks.


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